A former manufacturing site in central Bloomington- Normal has new life as a self storage facility! After being vacated in 2007, 1202 N. Linden St. sat empty until Constitution Place, LLC bought the property in 2015. Two of the existing buildings were renovated and are now part of the self storage project that sits next to ConstitutionTrail. A brick office building adjacent to Linden St. was previously the offices for R.B. White Co., the previous owner. A large 11,000 sq. ft. building was completely renovated and now has over 100 climate controlled storage units. Erik Prenzler, who owns Constitution Place, LLC, also owns the adjacent properties to the south & west. The Illinois Central Railroad ran in a north/ south direction adjacent to the property (abandoned in the late 1980's), which made it very convienant for businesses to be located in this area. William Flagg built his Empire Machine Works trackside here in 1870. Parts of that structure still are part of the renovated 716 E. Empire St. building. Flagg was Bloomington's first architect, builder, developer and an inventor of note. In 1848 Flagg turned to young Springfield attorney Abraham Lincoln to defend him in a patent infringement case. The Flagg- Lincoln team prevailed two years later! Now, Constitution Trail occupies the previous Illinois Central right of way and is very popular to bikers, runners and walkers. Heartland Home Medical Supply and Alphagraphics are two of the many businesses at the 716 E. Empire St. property. The Children's Discovery Museum was located here from 1995- 2003. The central location of Constitution Place Self Storage is unique to Bloomington- Normal. Illinois Wesleyan University is only one-half mile to the west and Illinois State University is just over one mile to the north. ...

June 29th, 2017


10 Item That Need Climate- Controlled Storage 1) Wood Furniture- When exposed to too much moisture over time, wood can crack, warp or rot. For anyone storing wooden furniture, this makes having climate controlled storage absolutely necessary. 2) Leather Furniture- Leather is sensitive tto swings of hot and cold and that's the case in central Illinois. 3) Household Appliances- Climate control protects protects electronic and mechanical parts from cracking and rust, which can cause permanent damage. 4) Special Collections- This includes coins, stamps, comics and wine. Fluctuating temperatures can accelerate wine aging and give wine an oxidized or metallic taste. 5) Musical Instruments- Percussion, string, brass or woodwind instruments should have consistent humidity. 6) Artwork- It's important to maintain the unit's temperature when storing artwork. 7) Clothing- The last thing you want is mold and mildew when storing your clothes. A wedding gown is especially sensitive to temperature swings. 8) Business Documents & Inventory- Documents can fade, discolor or dissolve with exposure to moisture. 9) Photos- Help ensure that your memories will be preserved. 10) Electronics- TV & monitors don't do well with temperatures on the extremee ends of the thermometer. We have five different size climate controlled spaces: 5' x 5', 5' x 10', 10' x 10', 10' x 15' and 10' x 20'. ...

January 5th, 2017